Clashes in Barcelona during general strike

In total, eight people have been arrested for staging riots and disobedience, according to the Catalan police.

Dozens of masked men launched firecrackers into the shops whose barriers were broken down  and traffic lights, street lamps and booths, containers and barricades with metal barriers and planters were dragged into the middle of the street.

Some of them have  painted on every shop in Pelai, Plaza Catalunya and Universitat slogans like ‘The problem is not the crisis, it is capitalism, “” we will hang the last politician with the guts of the last cop’, ‘ organized anger collective strength, “and other messages on the economic crisis.

In University Square, at the same hour,  picketing union members and majority organizations gathered- CC. OO., UGT and USOC – who from the outset, dissociated themselves from these altercations.

In addition, two masked men burned a empty municipal police car parked at the confluence of the square and round Universitat, right in front of a cordon of riot police vans.

Until lunchtime, the general strike in Catalonia passed or less peacefully, with a strict compliance of minimum services and without notable incident, except the violent action of a group of informational pickets venting their anger against city buses. But by 14.00, the day of unemployment, which until then had  a low profile and vindictive tone, festered and turned the streets of Barcelona into a battlefield. The police recorded 24 arrests, all for disorderly conduct, damage or attacks on officers.
The most serious disturbances occurred in the center of the Catalan capital. It all started around University Square, where a group of information pickets, composed of members of the CGT and anarchist activists and squatters, burned a car from the Guardia Urbana. These rioters were among about 700 protesters through the city as an alternative means to try to persuade shopkeepers to close their shops.
Street furniture
Not limited to urging the public to endorse the strike, but also took it well with the furniture, such as traffic lights, planters, litter bins, street lamps and booths, prompting the intervention of the Catalan police. Young people set up barricades on several streets and clashes with police and chases continued until 15.30.

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