Bulgarian Govt Urges Greece to Rein in Protester Violence

September 29

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has sent a note to the Greek embassy to Sofia regarding the frequent incidents with Bulgarian trucks and their drivers, conducting transportations on Greek territory.

In the note, the ministry has asked the Greek police to immediately interfere, in order to prevent the acts of abuse against the Bulgarian drivers and their trucks.

These forms of protest, which violate the fundamental right and freedoms of other citizens of the EU and affect the basic principles of free market, are unacceptable, the note says.

The Bulgarian Freight Drivers Union has already asked the state for help because of the frequent attacks against Bulgarian trucks on Greek territory.

“We are seriously concerned about the fact that Greek freight drivers express their emotions by damaging Bulgarian cars, including arson, physical attacks, tires shredding, windows and mirrors breaking,” a letter from the union to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said.

The drivers have also announced that they plan to initiate a protest in front of all border crossing points between Bulgaria and Greece, as a sign of solidarity with the drivers who have become “victims of the atrocities of the strikers and the carelessness of the Greek state.”

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