Hungarian right-wing extremists face terrorism charges

Sep 27

Jobbik members

Budapest – Hungarian prosecutors on Monday charged 17 right- wing extremists with involvement in terrorist activities, including arson attacks on politicians’ homes, the severe beating of a television presenter and bomb-making, the MTI news agency reported.

The terrorist group had called itself the Hunnia Movement and the Hungarian Arrows National Liberation Army.

Among those charges is the nationalist leader Gyorgy Budahazy, who has been in custody for a year along with three other right-wingers.

Budahazy has close ties to the far-right Movement for a Better Hungary, which entered parliament after snagging 17 per cent of the vote in April elections.

The political party, also known as Jobbik, has tried to portray the accused as ‘victims of a political justice.’

Krisztina Morvai, a Jobbik member who is a member of the European Parliament, regularly makes appearances in Brussels with a T-shirt reading ‘Freedom for Budahazy!’

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