Georgian colony’s prisoners go on hunger strike

Prisoners went a hunger strike Sept.24 in the Ksani prison No.7 not far from Tbilisi, NGO “Solidarity with Illegal Prisoners” said.

Theletter, signed by 16 convicted, says that the colony’s authorities inflict the prisoners who try to protect their rights and protest against ill-treatment. The letter also states that several detainees were severely beaten, after which it was decided to go on a hunger strike.

Lawyers of the NGO “Solidarity with Illegal Prisoners” from Friday morning trying to get in the Ksani colony and re-check information, but they failed. In this regard, the Organization calls on the Georgian Public Defender Giorgi Tugushi, as well as the relevant committee of Parliament to clarify the situation and condition of the prisoners in the prison Ksani No. 7.

The Georgian Public Defender’s duties include oversee the observance of human rights and freedom in the country, identifying violations and contributing to the restoration of violated rights.

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