Public Demonstrations Rock Borama

18 September

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk from the Somali city of Borama confirm the existence of public demonstrations by residents angered by Ethiopian provocations.

It is reported that the city dwellers did not like the fact that the Woyane clique in Addis Ababa have for the past three days deployed its militias masquerading as the Ethiopian army inside and outside Borama.

This deployment follows recent news from the new chiefs in Hargaisa, Somalia that spread an unsubstantiated rumor that the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) used the coastal area closer to Borama as a military transit point.

Reporters both inside Ogaden and some who are based in Borama confirm that the Woyane militias have been given orders to ransack and loot the city. These sources add that the Woyane militias were also ordered to detain and transfer any one who may have aided or abetted the alleged ONLA units.

What flamed the situation is said to have been the Ethiopian’s insistence on rounding large number of city dwellers in the mistaken belief that these people would provide information about the alleged incident.

Seeing three native sons being prepared to be shipped to Ethiopia just pushed the city dwellers to rebel and hold large demonstrations to denounce the Woyane presence in the city and their intensions to harm innocent civilians.

As a result of the demonstrations, eyewitnesses reported that the demonstrators overran the police station where the Woyane was holding the men. As a result, two of the drivers were freed. Although the city is still in state of panic and there is apprehension of possible Woyane reprisals, only two casualties were reported to date.

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