Swiss Gunman

A 67-year-old gunman who shot a policeman during an eviction protest has been arrested in Switzerland after nine days on the run.

Former maths teacher Peter Kneubuehl saw red when police arrived to help evict him from his house in Biel after he failed to pay the rent.

The pensioner built a barricade of furniture and let fly with a hunting rifle, badly wounding one officer.

Local media compared him to UK gunman Raoul Moat and T-shirts saying ‘Support your local hero’ and ‘Peter Kneubuehl for Parliament’ have been selling across Switzerland.

And a 3,500 signature Facebook group hails him as Switzerland’s new William Tell, the country’s national hero.

Fan Nicholas Proehler, who organised a demo backing the gunman, said: ‘The police are hunting him like an animal. They brought this on

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