Peru: Cusco province strikes in protest of Majes project

Peru: Espinar, Cusco, on strike against Majes-Siguas IIAfter Peru’s government granted the concession to the Majes Siguas II irrigation project, the Cusco province of Espinar has started an indefinite strike, since residents fear the project may cut their water supply.

According to Peru21, police troops were sent to prevent road blockades and possible looting. Stores and shops remained closed, and public transportation is also paralyzed.

Néstor Cuti, President of the Espinar defense committee, told the press that the protest may escalate during the day: “I am willing to offer my life if that is necessary to prevent Espinar from becoming a waterless place,” he said to news channel Canal N.

He also said that the government’s decision of sending troops and declaring the province in state of emergency is “a provocation.”

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Adolfo de Córdova said the water supply for Espinar is guaranteed by the Supreme Decree 010, that declares the reinforcing of the Apurimac river basin as a national interest.

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