3 Boise schools vandalized with anti-American graffiti, flags burned

September 13
BOISE — The remnants of burned American flags and spray-painted anti-American sayings are just some of the things maintenance crews are cleaning up at three different Boise schools.

The incidents happened over the weekend at Gateway Elementary, Pioneer Elementary and Lowell Scott Middle School, all located along McMillan Road.  The schools are in Boise but are part of the Meridian School District.

Crews were busy over the weekend trying to clean up the mess before students arrived back to school Monday.

School officials say the graffiti damage is fairly minimal, but it’s the type of vandalism in which an American flag was burned on school grounds that has them stunned.

American flags were burned and anti-American graffiti was found at Gateway Elementary and Pioneer Elementary.  Vandals also spray painted Lowell Scott Middle School.

On the world mural at Gateway school, the word “America” was crossed out in white paint.

“It was just gut wrenching because it was 9/11 at that point, and we’re all thinking positive things about America and our service members, and to get a phone call that this is what had happened at school, my heart just dropped,” said Gateway Principal Craig Ayala-Marshall.

Boise Police are investigating these incidents.  They say the crimes are similar, but they are still working to determine if they are related.

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