Unrest at the Bamenda Central Prison: three deaths in less than a week

A political detainee in Bamenda 2007

The Bamenda Central Prison has very recently witnessed frequent uprisings that have cost the lives of three inmates.

The latest of the unrest was reported this, Tuesday 7th of September 2010. According to reports, the upraising started at about 4PM and ended at 1AM.

Two inmates paid the price with their lives and others were wounded and immediately rushed to the Bamenda Provincial Hospital.

The cause of this latest unrest is still under investigation but some sources indicate the mutineers are asking better conditions in Prison.

The incident is being reported just few days after the first riot that was triggered by the death of an inmate.

The detainees dug a grave within the prison premises to burry the dead man. According to the rioters, the 24 years old, Che Rene died because he was denied treatment.

The inmates complained of insufficient medical care and very harsh conditions in prison.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of the Penitentiary Administration, Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar immediately travelled to Bamenda to address the grievances expressed.

The Prison Administrator was immediately sacked.

The Secretary of State called on the rioting prisoners to relinquish the corpse to bereaved family for burial.

Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar emphasised on the rights and obligations of the prisoners, stating that health care reminds a fundamental right.

He said, while government is still working out strategies to build equipped health centres in the country’s prisons, detainees who are ill should be taken to the hospital.

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