One Bullet Wound, Three Arrests in Chile Incidents

SANTIAGO – One person with a gunshot wound and three others arrested, two of them minors, were the results of a series of incidents on the outskirts of this capital early Saturday, the 37th anniversary of the military coup in 1973, police officials said.

The incidents were concentrated in the municipality of San Bernardo south of the Chilean capital, where unknown persons hidden in the dark opened fire on a station of the Carabineros militarized police force in a kind of attack that has occurred on several other occasions.

The district also had sporadic electricity blackouts caused by chains thrown – again by unknown persons – at distribution cables.

Anti-riot forces repelled demonstrators with streams of water and tear gas, while arresting two 15-year-olds and a youth of 20 who had raised a barricade of burning tires in the area.

Col. Mauricio Toro, chief of the southern corps of Carabineros, told reporters that the man suffering the bullet wound was a construction worker, 53, who got to the San Bernardo hospital unassisted with a bullet wound in the lumbar region.

The wounded man, identified as Juan Hernandez Levio, said that he felt the shot when he reached the home of his son near the Carabineros post.

Hospital authorities said that the wound is under observation and that it will probably be operated this Saturday to extract the projectile.

Col. Toro said that the shots “were presumably fired by antisocials who mix with people who promote disturbances.”

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