Wheelchair-Bound Man Says Police Beat Him

MOBILE, Alabama – Did Mobile Police attack a man unable to defend himself?
Mobile Police said the Internal Affairs Department is investigating a police brutality complaint filed against several police officers.
Ronnie Williams is paralyzed from the waist down.
He said three to four officers beat and tased him and his friend last week.
Williams said he and Emily Butler were sitting in a park near Brookley field last week when, police came up to them, threw Butler on the back of the hood, and bent her arm back behind her.
Williams said Butler “snatched away from him, and ran over to my car. He (a police offcer) ran over there and tased her and was choking her.”
Williams said he called 911 and took pictures of the beating with his cell phone.
He said he told an officer he was handicapped when another policeman approached.
Williams said that police officer “came in on my passenger side. He got in my car on the passenger side, and started hitting me in the back of the head.”
He said police then pulled him out of his car.
Williams said, “I heard what I thought was a gunshot. The officer had shot me in the back with the taser and he was tasing me. My lower body was still in the car and my upper body was hanging outside of the car.”
When asked if he was fighting back against the police officer, Williams said, “No, sir.”
Williams was charged with resisting arrest, failure to obey an officer, and filing a false report.
Butler was arrested on assault, indecent exposure, and possession of cocaine charges.
Police Chief Micheal T. Williams said the department is investigating Ronnie Williams’ complaint.
Chief Williams said, “We are in the process of determining the validity of the allegations that he has made. We are in the early stages of the investigation.”

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