Quang Nam: 500 people attack gold company


VietNamNet Bridge – Over 500 people from the three villages of An Lau 1, 2 and Bong Mieu in Phu Ninh district, the central province of Quang Nam surrounded and damaged the assets of the Bong Mieu Gold Company on August 25.

The attack originated from an incident that occurred on the evening of August 23. Duong Van Yen, 19, from An Lau 1 village, got into the company’s dumping ground to collect ore. Guards seized the boy and handed him over to sub-lieutenant Nguyen Duy Thanh, a local police officer who is in charge of guarding the gold company.

Thanh hurt the boy with an electric taser stick. The boy was brought to Quang Nam General Hospital for emergency aid. Hundreds of extremists used the case as a pretense to attack and rob five tons of ore from the Bong Mieu Gold Company.

Tran Van Dieu, a company guard, recalled: “At around 8pm on August 24, hundreds of people flocked to our company. They attacked a guard and destroyed the company’s assets with stones and bricks. Some cut barbed wire fences to break into the compound and steal ore.”

The gold company urgently called Quang Nam authorities for help. At 2am on August 25, the local security forces were finally able to dismiss the crowd.

Quang Nam police officials visited the site to investigate on the morning of August 25. Colonel Pham Truong Dan, deputy director of Quang Nam Police Agency, said that this case was very serious. Looters robbed a total of five tons of ore and 1 kilo of gold. Many assets, such as five cars, cameras, glass windows, tables and chairs were also damaged. Total losses are thought to be billions of dong (millions of US dollars).

Quang Nam authorities and Bong Mieu Gold Company met with local people the same day. People strongly objected to the extremists who robbed ore and other assets from the gold company. They asked that these “robbers” be seriously punished. Local people also asked police to prosecute the police officer who hit the boy named Yen.

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