Number of extremist acts rises in 2009

9 September 2010

Prague, Sept 8 (CTK) – The police registered 265 crimes with an extremist motive in the 10.5 million Czech Republic last year, which was 0.07 percent of all crimes and 48 more than in 2008, according to a document the Chamber of Deputies defence and security committee discussed yesterday.

The police cleared up 186 crimes last year, or 60 more than in 2008. A total of 293 people were prosecuted, which was about 100 more than in 2008, and courts convicted 103 people of racially motivated crimes.

Deputy Interior Minister Zdenek Salivar said “the extremist scene is on the defensive” now.

He said that is why rightist extremists have moderated their rhetoric. The militant wing is now trying to change the neo-Nazi label and focuses on environmental themes.

Salivar said the abolition of the Workers’ Party (DS) last year was a step of European importance.

The party, however, practically continues its acitivities under a new name, the Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS).

The number of neo-Nazi concerts roughly halved to 18 last year, and only one sole was held after last June’s raid on rightist extremists, the report says.

The concerts have been moved abroad, mainly to Poland and Slovakia, Police President Oldrich Martinu said.

He said the concerts were a significant source of money for the extremist groups.

The police inspection also checked six cases on suspicion of police involvement in criminal activity with an extremist subtext last year.

The suspicion was not proved in three of them, another two continue to be checked and one case ended in a disciplinary punishment.

A total of 24 police members were involved in the cases, the report said.

It said the military police investigated ten cases, involving 12 soldiers.

Salivar said everyone who seeks a job with security corps is checked for extremism now.

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