Government to allow nation-wide strike.

9 September

Garment workers planning the biggest strike in recent Cambodian history next week will not face government inference provided they obey the law, a government spokesman said Thursday.

The planned week-long, nation-wide work stoppage by an estimated tens of thousands of garment workers is set to commence on Monday unless industry captains succumb to demands for a US$43 dollar wage rise.

Khieu Sopheak, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, said Thursday the workers were within their rights to strike and pledged not to intervene provided they followed government protocol and refrained from breaking the law.

“We will not deploy authorities or police at the factory if they follow the law but we will take action if they break the law by making violence or destroying the factory’s property,” he said.

It is not clear exactly how many workers plan to join the strike organised by the Cambodian Labor Confederation, which says it has collected over 80,000 thumbprints in support of the strike.

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