Police Station Tagged, Video Surveillance Misses Culprits

Pueblo’s brand new police station and municipal court building was vandalized by a brazen criminal sometime early Friday morning. Police can’t be sure exactly when the tagging occurred, but they do know it happened sometime within a three hour window.

The front entrance to the building was covered with blue paint. Police had it cleaned up shortly after it was found.

Normally, security cameras at the $25 million building point directly into this area, making such a bold act foolish. But those cameras were not pointing at the front doors when the tagger left his mark.

Instead they were pointed across the street, at the area designated for Colorado State Fairgoers could get onto and off of busses that would ferry them to the fair. “We felt that public safety, safety of citizens, kind of trumped the security of the building so we had those cameras retasked,” says Deputy Chief John Ercul with the police department.

Ercul says, detectives are already investigating the vandalism, looking for clues that will lead them to whomever thought they could get away with tagging the front doors of a police station.

Meanwhile, those living in the area are reacting to the crime. “That’s pretty disrespectful to the police,” says Pueblo resident Genell Faxas. College student and long time Pueblo resident Angel Lucero agreed, “I hate it. It’s typical though here in Pueblo, there’s all kinds of graffiti everywhere.”

Many people liked the idea of pointing the camera at the bus stop, and were relieved to know the cops were keeping an eye on it. Some of them, however, mentioned that maybe the police need more cameras on the new police building so they don’t have to sacrifice protecting it while protecting the public.

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