Police come down hard on PTCL protesters

ISLAMABAD—Capital police arrested four PTCL workers when they were protesting for their demands in-front of national press club, here on Saturday. Workers of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited have initiated a demonstration camp in the PTCL headquarter Islamabad, since last five days for their demands. On their fifth day of protest they came in front of national press club. They closed the adjacent road for almost two hours and chanted slogans against PTCL administration. Then police arrested them.

Human rights activist Farzana Bari came there and resisted to police for arresting peace full demonstrators of PTCL, but in vain. Situation became very serious when Farzana Bari laid before the police van. She tried to stop the police from arresting the protesters. A.C city Asim Ayub called ladies police to tackle the female protesters.

Pakistan Telecommunication workers are protesting to take the fifty percent increase in salaries announced by Prime Minister of Pakistan. Farzana Bari was off the view that these are peace full protesters and their detention is illegal. “peace full protest is the right of every citizen”, she remained. Whereas police officials said that these persons opened fire on police party last night, that’s why we are arresting them. Police could arrest Muhammad Ramzan, Hamid Khan, Khalid But and Farrukh Jamil out of more than five dozen protesters. An arrested person Farrukh jamil Qureshi told to The Daily Mail from police van that he was not in the protesters, and he was the worker of peoples labour bureau. “I was passing by the road but police arrested me”, he said.

Workers from different countries have gathered here, even in the month of Ramadan. On Friday night police batten charged and arrested more than 70 demonstrators when they tried to enter the main offices of building, and shifted them to Margallla Police Station and I-9 police station.

More over PTCL workers are on strike in all most all cities of Pakistan and thousands of telephones are still silent since last months. In the protest camp regional general secretary PTCL workers union Gujranwala Rana Bashir Ahmed said that we would protest until the acceptance of our demands. “ we would jam the whole telecommunication system of country, if we are not given our rights”, he said.

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