Chilean Envoy Threatened Over Trial of Anarchists

SANTIAGO – Chile’s envoy to Mexico is facing death threats in connection with the trial in Santiago of anarchists charged with a series of bombings, a Chilean police source told Efe on Friday.

The threats came Tuesday in e-mails sent to Ambassador German Guerrero from “autonomous cells of the immediate revolution,” the source said.

Additional e-mails received Wednesday included threats to the embassy building and innuendos about possible risks to diplomats and their families from Mexican organized crime.

The authors of the messages said they would “blow up” the embassy if the Chilean anarchists were not released.

“If (the embassy) was left half-destroyed in February, this time we will destroy it completely,” one e-mail said, alluding to a previous attack on the mission by anarchists wielding rocks and clubs.

Preliminary investigations by Chilean police indicate the threatening e-mails originated in Mexico, the source said.

Fifteen Chilean anarchists – including one serving time for other offenses – are accused of carrying out 23 bombings in the capital and other cities.

The attacks targeted banks, offices of foreign companies, embassies, churches and police stations, mainly in Santiago. The sole fatality was an anarchist killed when a bomb exploded as he was transporting it on a bicycle.

Special prosecutor Alejandro Peña has charged the suspects with conspiring to terrorize the population.

The 14 suspects not already in custody were arrested two weeks ago in violent police raids on squats and private residences in Santiago and the coastal city of Valparaiso.

All but four of the suspects are being held without bail. EFE

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