German intelligence service keeps track of the network of anarchist funding

At the request of the Chilean authorities, the BND help to identify Italian who sent money to campaigners.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst or German Federal Research Service (BND) is following in the footsteps of Matthew Rossi’s Italian citizen, suspected of having sent money to Chilean anarchist groups involved in the placement of explosive devices.

The collaboration of the Germanic body is made on the basis of a request for Chilean authorities under the government case against 14 suspected members of the network involved in the attacks. According to reports, the petition alleges that the BND has large databases of European anarchists and the Italian suspect had lived in Germany.
After lifting bank secrecy in the investigation, the Attorney South Metropolitan gained access to an account in the name of former Lautaro Omar Hermosilla, aka “Mouse”, one of the anarchists arrested during the weekend.

Thus it was established that the former had received a subversive euro transfer from an account in Switzerland for $ 712 000. El dinero, según sostiene la fiscalía, era para incrementar la intensidad de los atentados explosivos. The money, as argued by the prosecution, was to increase the intensity of the bombings.
For this situation, two people are in custody.

One is Omar himself Hermosilla.  The other alleged anarchist Carlos Riveros Lüttge, known as “Carlangas.”

The name of the latter came to the research through an informant for the National Police Intelligence Chief (Jipol) of the PDI.  The aide would have had access to the communications network of suspects and revealed that there was an email received by Riveros in which he detailed alleged Italian citizen and that this transfer was to be deposited in the bank account of former subversive. According to data released yesterday in concluding, “Carlangas” requested the money to assume a “more radical”.
So far there are two theories about the identity of Italian: Matthew Rossi is his real name or is a forgery.

if the first is the case, one would have established that the alien was in Chile in 2008 and met with local anarchist collective.The police have a history that Rossi was born in Piedmont, northwest Italy and it would be a known anti-system activist.
However, research data exist to suggest that this could be a false identity used by an activist to avoid being recognized. The verification of the suspect’s real identity is the focus of the collaboration by the German intelligence service requested by representatives of the Chilean government.

Yesterday was unaware of the existence of a letter found in possession of one of the detainees, Felipe Guerra. The message referred to a sum of money was coming from Italy and emphasized: “Very important is no word of this to anyone, . Faced with a possible arrest, say nothing.”  It is possible that the prosecution request to interrogate the suspect abroad through an international warrant, or even come to seek his extradition for funding terrorist groups.

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