Senegalese students charged with rioting


SAINT-LOUIS, Senegal — Twenty-three students in northern Senegal have been arrested and charged with vandalism and rioting in clashes with police that left 16 people injured, a judicial source said Friday.

The rector of the University of Saint-Louis, Mary Teuw Niane, said she called the police Tuesday when “buildings and institutions of the university were attacked by furious students who destroyed public and private property including vehicles and broke the windows of the rector’s office.”

Students clashed with the police when they arrived and 16 people were hurt, according to the source. The police made arrests and on Thursday charges were pressed against 23 of the students.

The 23 are accused of “acts of vandalism, taking part in a banned meeting, destruction of property belonging to the state and other parties, and rebellion against the forces of law and order,” said the source in Saint-Louis, which lies 270 kilometres (165 miles) north of Dakar.

The students will appear in court on August 19, the source added.

The rioting broke out after the disciplinary council at the University of Saint-Louis, which is the second public university in the west African country, expelled three students for disrupting the process of exams in June and July.

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