Bomb Found Near Presidential Residence in Chile

SANTIAGO – Police found and detonated a bomb left near one of Chile’s official presidential residences, authorities said Wednesday.

An anonymous telephone call to radio Biobio led police to the device, which was left in a trash can in the Pacific coast resort town of Viña del Mar.

The call to the radio station came at 10:00 a.m. and the caller said the bomb was set to detonate at noon.

After locating the bomb, sappers cordoned off the area and detonated it, Viña del Mar police commander Marcos Reinoso told the press.

The target was apparently Cerro Castillo, an official vacation residence of Chilean presidents.

Preliminary reports indicate the device was similar to the ones used in more than a dozen attacks attributed to anarchist groups, authorities said.

Since taking office in March, President Sebastian Piñera has spent many weekends at Cerro Castillo, sometimes meeting there with Cabinet ministers or lawmakers. EFE

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