G20 activists defiant

July 30
Two activists accused of being “ringleaders” in last month’s G20 protests were back in Ontario Superior Court today, facing the threat of going back to jail.

Alex Hundert and Leah Henderson were set free on bail over one week ago, but the Crown is appealing their release, saying they violated their bail conditions.

The two activists were arrested during a nighttime raid before the start of the global economic summit as part of what police said was a long-term investigation into an alleged anarchist group.

Hundert said he had been warned by the Ontario Provincial Police not to speak to the media, as that would constitute a violation of his bail terms, but he addressed reporters immediately following the Friday morning hearing.

“The police told my father that any statement or speech that was critical of the government or of the police could be interpreted as public protest,” he said, “and therefore constitute a breach.”

In addition to their ban on speaking to the media or posting messages online, Hundert and Henderson are under house arrest and are banned from planning, participating or attending any public demonstration.

Hundert and Henderson will be back in court August 19.

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