Uganda People News: Farmers get guns to save land

Farmers in Luweero district have declared war on property developers who want to evict them on their ancestral land, building locally made guns out of pipes and other metals.

They use such guns to fire rockets at the groups of people who want to evict them. One of the farmers in Ggangu village, Luweero district who declines to reveal his details for fear of being arrested says he has used the weapon to defend his land twice.

The farmers say they don’t want to cause insecurity in Uganda but the problem of land eviction is so real and big. The weapons use fireworks and their rockets scares so much when it is released, especially at night.

Land eviction is one of the leading causes of social unrest in Uganda with people working in government forcing peasants to leave their homes and land to give way for people in government and their relatives enough land to expand on.

The Parliament recently passed 2007 Land Act to curb land evictions in Uganda but as usual the law has remained on paper.

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