Norwalk woman charged with inciting a riot during son’s arrest

July 26

NORWALK — A Roodner Court woman accused of provoking a crowd while police apprehended her two sons nearly two weeks ago was arrested last week for allegedly inciting a riot and interfering with a police officer a week earlier.

Gisele Reese, 36, of 261 Ely Ave., Norwalk, was released after posting $25,000 bond; she is to return to court Aug. 3.

Police went to the Roodner Court public housing complex on July 14 to take into custody a juvenile, Reese’s younger son, her five-page arrest warrant affidavit states.

After spotting a young man who looked like their target, police moved in to talk to him, but he ran up to Building 12. Once inside, the young man, who turned out to be an older son of Reese, would not obey commands to show both hands and ended up pulling a small black object out of his pocket, police said; not knowing what the item was, an officer pulled out his gun and ordered the man show his hands.

When Reese saw what was going on, she screamed at police that they had no right to harass her son, the affidavit states. When they brought Reese’s son outside, she yelled, “That (expletive deleted) pig was gonna shoot my baby,” the report said.

Reese and 10 others then began to press in on the two police officers, yelling “Let him go, pig,” while Reese continued to yell, “He was gonna shoot him, he was gonna shoot him,” the affidavit states.

Soon after the older youth was brought to police headquarters, police spotted the juvenile they intended to arrest, and he initiated a foot chase that ended in his mother’s arms, the report said.

Not allowing police to take her other son as a large crowd began to form, Reese allegedly began yelling to police, “You were going to shoot one, now you’re arresting the other.”

In his report, patrol shift supervisor Lt. Timothy Murphy said, “Reese was screaming and cursing at me and the three other officers. It was apparent to me that she was attempting to incite the crowd at the same time as preventing us from taking custody of her son. Fearing for the safety of the officers as well as Reese’s attempts to interfere with the arrest, I immediately drew my Taser.”

At that, Reese loosened her grip on her son.

As 20 people began to surround the patrol vehicle and yell, swear and spit at officers, Reese and a group of six or eight people began to push their way through the crowd. She stopped only when she was threatened for a second time with the Taser, the affidavit said. Police then took her younger son into custody and he was driven to police headquarters.

Feeling it was unsafe to arrest Reese at the moment, a warrant was drawn up and signed by Judge Bruce Hudock. During the investigation, it was found that Reese had been arrested before for harassment and threatening and had also been charged with second-degree assault and breach of peace. Three times Reese has been convicted of interfering with police and resisting arrest.

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