Greek terrorist group claims responsibility for journalist’s murder   2010-07-28

ATHENS, July 27 (Xinhua) — Greek terrorist group ” Revolutionary Sect” on Tuesday afternoon claimed responsibility for the murder of Greek investigative journalist Sokratis Giolias on July 19 outside his residence in Athens.

In a declaration sent to local newspaper Ta Nea, the group claimed that it was linked to the murder, which shocked the Greek society as the first terror attack against an editor in the past four decades.

The statement was delivered in a CD and is due to be published on Wednesday by the daily, which has received many such statements by Greek terrorists in the past few years.

“Revolutionary Sect” also took the responsibility for the murder of a 40-year-old policeman last June with a similar letter sent to the newspaper, carrying threats to political, police and business targets.

Police investigation so far has shown that many of the 16 bullets which killed 37-year-old Giolias were fired from two guns used by the group in the past. The guns are linked to the murder of policeman Nektarios Savvas last June and two armed attacks against a police department and a television channel in February 2009.

A shell from the same guns was found in February last year on the grave of a teenager who was killed by police fire in December 2008. The teenager’s death sparked the worst riots in Greece in three decades.

Giolias was shot dead at the entrance of the blocks of flats where he lived with his family in an Athens district. Eyewitnesses, including his wife who is pregnant with their second child, said that three men in police-like uniforms rang the doorbell of his apartment early in the morning to notify him that someone had tried to steal his car.

As soon as he went out of the building, Giolias was gunned down in a brutal attack that was condemned by the political world and Greek citizens.

It was the third fatal terror attack this year in Greece. In March an Afghan teenager died in the explosion of a bomb outside a state building and in June a policeman was killed when a parcel bomb meant for the minister responsible for public order exploded inside the ministry building in an unprecedented attack.

Greece has suffered a lot due to domestic terrorism. Currently “Revolutionary Sect” is considered the most dangerous local guerrilla group after the dismantling of “Revolutionary Struggle” in the wake of a series of arrests of its key members this spring.

Since 2003 “Revolutionary Struggle” had been linked to a dozen attacks on Greek government buildings, as well as one on the American embassy in Athens in January 2007. It was regarded as a branch of the November 17 organization which was disbanded in 2002 after killing 23 people in more than a hundred attacks in two decades.

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