One Dies in Bombing at Police Academy in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES – A street cleaner was killed Tuesday when a homemade bomb detonated in front of a police academy in the southern Argentine city of Cipoletti, authorities said.

A search of the area after the blast enabled police to deactivate a similar bomb left outside an office of Telefonica de Argentina.

“The explosive devices were made with a cylinder of gas connected to an electric wire,” a police source told media outlets.

Miguel Muñoz was killed by the shockwave from the bomb that went off before dawn in front of the police academy and just meters (yards) away from the campus of the University of Comahue.

The governor of the surrounding province of Rio Negro, Miguel Saiz, said the bombing was carried out by “cowardly hands who shelter in anonymity.”

“It’s not an action at random, but a carefully mounted operation with a specific aim,” he said.

“Attacks such as this send us back to eras in our country that we thought we had left in the past,” Gov. Saiz said, alluding to the guerrilla violence of the early 1970s and the “dirty war” waged against dissenters by the 1976-1983 military regime.

He said the relevant authorities “will work together to find the person or persons responsible.” EFE

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