Vandal attacks investigators with slingshot

July 13

Calgary police and fire investigators dodged metal screws fired from a slingshot as they responded to a vandalism spree in Bridgeland early Monday.

The damage began with a vehicle that was parked in the 400 block of First Avenue N.E. being smashed with a hammer and then set on fire, said police on Tuesday.

The suspects then proceeded to the Calgary Italian Club nearby and toppled over two stone statues. The heads of the statues are missing, said investigators.

Neighbours then reported two more fires in back alleys.

Police arrested one man who was walking near the scene. A second man began shooting screws from a slingshot at police and fire investigators. No one was hurt.

He was arrested later that morning and charged with assault with a weapon and assault of a police officer.

Both men, aged 30, are also charged with arson and property damage.

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