Indiscipline In Senior High School Rises In Upper East

July 14
Mr. Patrick Tangbanyire, the Upper East Regional Chairman for Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools (CHASS), has expressed concern at the rate of indiscipline in Senior High Schools in the Region.

The Navrongo Senior High School, Gowrie Senior High School and Sandema Senior High Technical School experienced unrest recently and students had to go home in order to give school authorities time to reorganise.

Gowrie Senior High School is still closed and students are at home.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday, Mr. Tangbanyire said the issue was a source of worry to most heads of senior high schools as most of the schools lose a lot of infrastructure as a result of the destruction caused by the students.

He said this was a drain on their internal generated funds, funds generated through either school farms or other sources that are intended for development projects.

Mr. Tangbanyire appealed to all heads of Senior High Schools to enforce discipline in their schools, saying it was the only tool that could bring change in the present situation and also help the students to learn and achieve their goals.

Some students of the Navrongo Senior High School told the GNA that the school denied them breakfast and launch and that compelled them to destroy school property and vandalize tutors’ property.

At Sandema Senior High Technical School, the third year students claimed that the school authorities had disgraced them by publishing the names of those who performed badly in the terminal examination, so they attacked tutors and destroyed school property.

A tutor at Sandema Senior High Technical, Mr. Samson Ahithophel Atinga, described the situation as an attitude of ingratitude by the students towards teachers who were doing their best to help the students achieve good grades.

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