Two Killed in Clash with Police in Nicaragua

MANAGUA – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said two people died in clashes between farm workers and police carrying out an arrest in the northwestern town of Chichigalpa.

Three civilians and 15 police were reported injured in the confrontations that began when seven officers captured Alonso Cuadra, 19, at the San Antonio sugar mill and villagers there tried to free him.

“This is reprehensible and we must investigate what happened there. It must be investigated from where the shots came,” said the president.

Ortega did not identify the victims, but police sources said that one of them was Erving Urrutia, 28, who participated in the gunbattle with cops, who refused to free Cuadra.

Local residents attacked the police a second time a little later, hurling stones and sticks at the station house in Chichigalpa and injuring 12 officers.

The police contingent in Chichigalpa was reinforced with 200 officers sent from the nearby cities of Chinandega and Leon, according to official sources, while community leaders and the authorities are discussing how to resolve the situation. EFE

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