Naxalites aim to create social unrest: Stratfor

9 Jul

NEW DELHI: A prominent US think tank, Startfor, has said that Naxalites have moved beyond militant tactics and their effort now was to cause social unrest through political tactics.

“The Naxalite organisation is a sophisticated one that relies not only on militant tactics but also on social unrest and political tactics to increase its power. Naxalites have formed sympathetic student groups in universities, and human-rights groups in New Delhi and other regional capitals are advocating for the local tribal cause in rural eastern India,” the think tank said in its report on the Naxal challenge facing India.

According to Stratfor, there should be meaningful intervention from the government at this juncture as the chances of containing it are high. “Despite threats and indications from Naxalites that they will attack urban targets throughout India, the group has yet to demonstrate the intent or ability to strike outside of the Red Corridor.”

At the same time, the report said the law enforcing agencies should take steps to thwart any attempt on the part of Naxals to develop tradecraft in urban terrorism.

“The group’s leaders and bombmakers could develop such a capability, and it will be important to watch for any indication that cadres are developing the tradecraft for urban terrorism. Even if they do not expand their target set and conduct more “terrorist-type” attacks, the Naxalite challenge to the state could materialize in other ways,” the report said.

Stratfor said the Naxalites are honing the capability to construct and deploy IEDs, conduct armed raids and maintain an extensive, agile and responsive intelligence network.

“The April 6 raid on the soldiers in Dantewada and the May 17 bus attack were both actions that took advantage of opportunities to target and kill police forces. The April 6 raid was the culmination of two or three days of stalking the CRPF unit in the forest and waiting for the right time to strike.

The May 17 bus attack was organised in a matter of hours, with spotters noticing the police on the bus and alerting other cadres who planted the device further down the road. This flexibility and autonomy among its various component parts, along with the group’s local support and indigenous knowledge of its turf, make the Naxalites a dangerous adversary against the slower moving, more deliberate and more predictable CRPF,” the report said.

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