Three arrested after standoff at area youth centre

An incident at the Val-du-Lac building of the Estrie Youth Centre – located at 8475 Blanchette Road in Rock Forest – led to the arrest of three 17-year-old boys Sunday night.

At a little after 8 pm, the three suspects – who were staying at the centre which houses troubled youth – threatened violence towards the staff after being asked to come inside.
“They were not happy about having to go back inside for their 8 pm curfew,” explained Martin Carrier of the Sherbrooke police (SPS) in an interview with The Record.
Armed with wooden bats they had found on the premises, the three suspects became very aggressive, hitting things and yelling at the other kids housed at the centre to come out and join them in starting a riot. “They became hysterical,” said Carrier.
About a dozen officers, including the SPS intervention team, were called in to try and regulate the situation. A negotiator was on the scene trying to convince the boys – who remained on the premises throughout the ordeal – to drop the bats and give themselves up.
“The negotiator spent over two hours talking to them,” said Carrier. “We had to use the intervention team because the bats they had are considered a deadly weapon.”
Eventually, at around 10 pm, one of the boys assaulted an officer. Having cause, the assaulted officer proceeded to taser the suspect, immobilizing him, and then made the arrest.
“After seeing their friend arrested, the other two quickly dropped their weapons and gave themselves up,” explained the SPS spokesperson.
The boy who was tasered was transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure, a move that is standard procedure for anyone tasered by police.
The three 17-year-old’s face a number of charges in Quebec Juvenile Court, including making death threats, armed assault, and participating in a riot.

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