China, Pakistan anti-terrorism exercises

China and Pakistan have teamed up to launch anti-terrorism exercises in China’s south, Reuters reports.

The training exercises are an attempt to halt separatists’ movements causing civil unrest and will include the exchange of skills and fighting experiences.

Beijing remains concerned about ‘the East Turkestan Islamic Movement’, a UN listed terrorist organisation.

‘We are very hopeful of this invited session with the Chinese military,’ said Brigadier General Khizar of Pakistan Special Forces.

‘We have vast experience of fighting terrorists in our country. I feel that Chinese soldiers and the Chinese army is very complicated professionals, and I think that both of us can benefit from each of our experience.’

PLA Brigadier Li Fuhua says the exercises will strengthen relations between the two neighbours.

‘We are conducting joint anti-terrorism exercise with Pakistan. We are going to exchange experience on fighting terrorism, deepen the military friendship and cooperation between the two nations, and improve joint capacity in fighting terrorism,’ he said.

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