Trains Delays Expected Following Vandalism at Tracks

Rail traffic is moving again on the main line between the Tikkurila and Kerava stations in southern Finland after vandals set fire near the tracks. However, delays of up to 30 minutes are expected.

Some cancellations could be announced later.

The Finnish Transport Agency said that three fires were set near the tracks. Firefighters successfully extinguished an enflamed electric box, however repairs to safety equipment could take weeks. The agency says repairing damage to the tracks will cost around 50,000 euros.

At one point, all trains were suspended between the Tikkurila and Kerava stations on Friday morning due to the vandalism. However, two tracks were soon reopened for traffic and long-distance train travel ran normally for most of the morning on Friday.

Northbound rail travel from Hiekkaharju and southbound travel from Kerava were at a complete standstill for some time.

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