Mashhad scene of riots

]12 June 2010
Iran Focus

Mashhad, Jun. 12 – Hundreds of people staged a demonstration in the city’s Tabarsi Square in the afternoon on Saturday, chanting, “Ya Hojjat ibn Al-Hassan, uproot oppression in Iran” (reference to the 12th Shiite Imam) and “death to the oppressors”, according to eye witnesses. Plain-clothes agents failed to contain the protest and requested reinforcement from the State Security Force, which sent units with full riot gear to the scene.

In another part of the city, 300 club-wielding Bassij militiamen attacked people who were demonstrating in Khaled Islamboli and Tabarsi districts and severely injured a number of them in an attempt to terrorise the public.

Security agents also attacked a woman who was chanting anti-government slogans and tried to arrest her, but were confronted by dozens of people chanting “death to the dictator” and “death to [Supreme Leader] Khamenei” and were forced to flee.

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