Indian Kashmir capital tense for third day running

SRINAGAR, India — Indian police stepped up security in the Kashmiri summer capital of Srinagar Sunday as tensioned flared for the third day running over the death of a Muslim teenager.

The 17-year-old was killed in downtown Srinagar Friday during clashes between anti-India protesters and riot police and thousands of police and paramilitary sealed off neighbourhoods to prevent further demonstrations.

On Saturday, over 60 police and protesters were hurt during day-long clashes across the capital despite security restrictions imposed by the authorities to block demonstrations.

“The restrictions will continue and no one will be allowed to hold protest demonstrations,” said Meraj Kakroo, Srinagar’s deputy commissioner.

Residents in downtown Srinagar said vehicles mounted with loudspeakers had been announcing that a strict curfew was in force.

“If anyone tries to move out he is beaten up or detained,” a resident, Farooq Ahmed told AFP over telephone.

Police denied imposing a curfew in some areas. They said “strict restrictions on civilian movement” were in place to prevent violence.

The region is in the grip of a 20-year insurgency against Indian rule. The unrest has left more than 47,000 people dead by official count.

Tensions have been running high in Kashmir after local police accused the military of killing three civilians in April.

The army initially said they had killed three armed rebels but later ordered an inquiry and initiated action against two officers.

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