WHO KILLED THE UNBORN BABY, ALSO? [ crossposted from act forfreedomnow  slightly edited for clarity]
An insurrectionary destructionist perspective on the dead bodies of the uprising which were in a burned/locked bank in Greece;
Let’s cry for the baby, too
And have rage against capital and capitalist moralists, in order to attack better!

The workers who were locked in a bank, why did they not break down the door of the bank when they saw that people, -COMRADES- were shouting and fighting with the “weapons” that they had decided to use; stones, molotovs, bottles, sticks of the banners etc…
Were they afraid of losing their job? Were they afraid of losing their job when they knew better than anyone that the building had no fire-exit; they could also die because of an electrical fault, couldn’t they? Were they afraid of living in hunger? Other than the pregnant woman did they have children to feed? Were they afraid of living in a worse situation; getting less money then the -present-, when compared with the unemployed situation/unemployment? Do they really like to count the meaningless amounts of the capitalists’ profits? Who forced them to be inside and why? What kind of guard is this? Do they like to have money for their holidays which is like paying money for making love?
Or were they waiting for a revolution which is in a process by: “revolutionaries, marxists & socialist parties, anarchist pacifists, unions, intellectuals; the ones who have the map for the way that goes to the “free society”, the ones who are sitting in the “bourgeouis-homeland of pacifism”?
We are, and we will just think and discuss it, but for sure, it’ll be impossible for us to learn,because they are – all  “four”- dead. And nobody can speak for them, anarchists included. But we have a letter from another worker who was in the same bank on the same day, too. And we know also, when comrades wanted to burn the TV station vans they forced them to get out; they forced the “workers”: journalists, to get out of the van, and AFTERWARDS they burned the van as happened many weeks ago, also.

“All great things must first wear a terrifying mask
in order to inscribe them in the heart of humanity”

Did the comrades do something “bad” in burning the bank? Of course not, we wish we could destroy them all, along with prisons, courts from now on, too. But also we would prefer, – as comrades- when they are empty as we can see and we are sure about that; when there are no innocent people, unborn babies. But if the situation is different, if it is fascist police that we are talking about, isn’t it something practical, isn’t this desire of destruction poetic, full of the desire for life?

Did the comrades really burn the bank when they knew that there were workers, who did not want to join the protests, and the feast of destruction? We are sure we can say no. But also we are sure, and ready to ask, what about the locked doors? What about the bastard ones, “anarchists” or leftists who are blaming the – comrades -, – if they did it for sure- that they burned them all, laughing at them and shouting and attacking the police at the same time?

To make a “critique” like this, especially if they are “comrades”, they must be in a situation which is encircled not only with fear, which stops their thinking. It should be the State and society attacking pyschologically masking themselves as fears too; more than just one that blocks faced with the realities of chaos’ feast.

There are also some voices who are afraid of crying. And manipulating the purposes and for sure, this is a moral of order, and it’s also to have the present order again, the order of things, the order of this world, something totally different to the natural order of things; chaos, destructionist and creative anarchy at the same time body and soul.

To fight and destroy – this world -, we should just be ourselves to feel, to think, to attack.

To take back our lives into our hands again, to destroy “everything”, everything which is beautiful when dying, when it lives in the other form. As it was happening and as written on a wall in December 2008, after Alexis’ murder…

For a poetic life with love. With tears and rage, with attack and escape.

You are not forgotton Alexis, along with the unborn and unnamed children. The murderers and planners of murders are clearly on the other side of the doors.

If we can’t cry – with or without a voice -, how we can live and enjoy life?

Let’s stop negotiation and attack the bosses of the power and prisons. Greetings to the comrades who are fighting more than symbolically.

Then, radical self critique is always necessary.

Guerilla Group Of Libertarian Destructionists and Terrorists, Rain Cell

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