Thai police prepare precautionary steps to prevent renewed-violence attacks

May 27
Thailand’s police on Wednesday held a meeting to prepare precautionary measures to prevent renewed- violence attacks, including arson or sabotage, the Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

The meeting, which was called on by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol-Lt General Santhan Chayanon, was participated by superintendents of 88 police stations in the capital Bangkok.

The precautionary steps have been prepared, because it is still risky that the violence attack, including the arson or sabotage, will re-occur, according to intelligence reports.

“Under the May-2010 plan to protect the capital, the superintendents are instructed to deploy police forces to ensure security, especially in areas, where troops were withdrawn,” said Pol-Lt General Santhan.

Police have been told to ensure that a political gathering or a political activity must not happen in their areas.

Meanwhile, joint-police-soldier forces at security check points have still existed to maintain law and order for 24 hours, he said.

Armed-police forces have also been deployed to station at 24 risky areas, including residences of important persons and state places, Pol-Lt General Santhan said.

The latest move has been implemented after the anti-government protestors ended their over-two-month long rally in central Bangkok on May 19.

The death toll from a series of violent clashes between the protestors and troops during March 12 to May 19 stood at 88 and some 1,885 others were wounded, Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said on May 25

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