Meriden travellers’ site action promised

Campaigners who do not want travellers building on their own land in the West Midlands are to continue a blockade of the site for the foreseeable future.

On Friday Solihull council won a High Court injunction to stop travellers building at Meriden.

A planning application is to be considered by Solihull council.

Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT), which works on behalf of travellers, called for planning permission to be granted.

‘Desperate measures’

Emma Nuttall, from FFT, said: “There is a need that needs to be met and it hasn’t been historically met for the past few decades.

“[That] is why families have to sometimes take desperate measures and try and find solutions to their accommodation needs.”

Travellers, who started work without planning permission, occupied the site they own on 30 April.

A meeting of people from Meriden was held on Friday night to discuss the situation and they voted to continue their blockade.

Solihull Council Chief Executive Mark Rogers said: “What we’ve done is ensure that no further development can take place whilst the planning application that has been submitted can be what we would call determined.

“In other words [that means] a decision made about whether there is a valid application for development.”

Campaigners clapped outside the High Court in Birmingham on Friday on hearing an injunction had been won.

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