Police call for calm, as Waterford residents continue protest over woman’s killing

RESIDENTS of Waterford in Portmore, St Catherine, yesterday continued their protest over the alleged police killing of a woman in the community, as head of the Area Five Police Superintendent Newton Amos called on them to remain calm until a post-mortem is completed.

“We are expediting the post-mortem to know who killed the woman,” Amos told a group of residents during a visit to the community yesterday afternoon.
“If it was the police’s gun that killed her, then I personally will return and our statement will be clear that it is so,” he said.

“If the post-mortem is done and you still not getting anything from the police, then that is the time you need to make noise, ’cause then it would be proven without a shadow of a doubt that this is how it went,” he added.

Forty-five-year-old Josephine Brown was shot dead in an alleged shoot-out between gunmen and the police Wednesday night.

According to the police, Brown — an employee of the Jamaica Biscuit Company — was struck as they engaged armed thugs, including an alleged wanted man, in the community.

The lawmen reported that the thugs fled, leaving behind an AK 47 assault rifle and a Ranger shotgun.

However, their account of the incident was challenged by residents, who said that Brown was at a crowded party when she was shot, and demanded that the weapons allegedly seized from the scene be displayed in the media.

Brown’s death sparked a series of fiery roadblocks in the community and up to late yesterday afternoon, police officers — using bulldozers — were still clearing debris that was used to block the Dyke and other roads in and around the community. It was not clear, however, whether any of the detainees were charged.

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