Brazen gunmen block road to protest police killing

GUNMEN yesterday morning openly fired their weapons along the lower section of Waltham Park Road in Kingston, forcing frightened motorists to divert through some tough areas to get out of the depressed community.

The gunmen, who were protesting against Tuesday night’s police killing of a man identified only as ‘Cup Head’, set fire to items used to block the road and fired shots in the air, scaring motorists, residents said.

Police from the Hunts Bay Police Station were greeted with gunshots when they arrived on the scene, but the gunmen quickly retreated. No one was injured.

About 30 minutes later dozens of residents from surrounding communities gathered near the fiery roadblock and watched as two fire units extinguished the blaze.

According to one resident, the dead man was a known gunman who was wanted for several crimes, including murder.

“…Dem a come out and a protest ’bout police killing and the man [killed] is a known murderer. All woman him kill,” lamented the resident, who expressed disgust at the gunmen’s brazenness.

“The man them a walk up and down in the streets with long gun like them a police. I just sorry that the officers couldn’t come on and light up even one of them; I would be so happy,” added the man, who claimed Cup Head was a gang leader in the nearby Fitzgerald Lane community.

Yesterday, an officer from the Hunts Bay Police Station confirmed the onlooker’s claim, but said he was unable to provide details on Cup Head’s ill deeds.

“He was wanted and that’s why the police went for him. What they (protesters) did today just shows you how people are willing to protect and cover the wrongdoers in their communities,” the officer said.

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