Tear gas fired at anti-president protest in Haiti

POLICE fired tear gas outside the ruins of Haiti’s national palace to control 2,000 demonstrators calling for president René Préval’s resignation in the largest political protest since the 12 January earthquake.
Trucks filled with riot police rolled behind the protesters as they jogged past shanties shouting insults at Mr Préval, who has been criticised for his low profile following the quake and for allegedly using the destruction as a pretext to stay in office beyond his term.

“He is profiting from this disaster in order to stay in power,” said Hervé Santilus, 39, a sociologist who was laid off a few weeks after the magnitude-seven quake struck and has not been able to find work since.

Protesters marched to the national mall following speaker trucks that trumpeted calls for former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s return.

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