Workers end Dhaka-Sylhet highway blockade

Narayanganj, May 10 ( – Workers belonging to two readymade garment Narayanganj factories lifted their blockade of the Dhaka-Sylhet highway at midday on Monday after the owners of two garment factories agreed to pay their salary arrears by 16 May.

The owners also agreed from now on to pay their salaries in the first ten days of each month.

The blockage by workers from Antim Knitting Dying and Antim Composite has caused chaos, grinding traffic to a halt.

The demonstrators said the owners had told them they would be paid their outstanding salaries on Monday.

But when they came to the factory they came to know that they were not getting salaries which provoked them to take this action.

The workers had taken took positions on the highway at around 9am and smashed about 8 vehicles.

Rupganj police chief Forkan Sikder said they were trying hard to quell the situation.

The workers had earlier damaged furniture inside the factories and locked the main entrance.

About 4,000 workers are employed in the two factories.

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