Greece clippings

Municipal protest leads to garbage piling up on streets

Piles of trash are building up on the streets of Thessaloniki as residents of the Lachana municipality continue to block the operation of the Mavrorachi landfill. Their protest is in reaction to plans by the government to unify their municipality with that of Lagada. Thessaloniki Deputy Mayor Constantinos Kazantzidis, who is responsible for sanitation, said that 400 tons of garbage are building up on a daily basis and today there are over 7,000 tons of uncollected waste littering the streets of the city. He appealed to residents to refrain from depositing their garbage bags in overflowing bins and asked them to temporarily keep them on their balconies. Concerned that the volume of trash, coupled with high temperatures, may pose a public health hazard, Kazantzidis also filed a petition with the Thessaloniki prosecutor to intervene.

Supermarket robbery

Two armed robbers held up a supermarket in Nea Krini, Thessaloniki, just before closing on Thursday night. The unidentified gunmen got away with 600 euros in takings from the Kountouriotou Street store before fleeing. Police who arrived at the scene are investigating the incident.

DNA clue in sombrero raid

Police believe they have cracked who was behind a bizarre armed attack on a bus containing riot police officers in Exarchia, central Athens, in 2009, when a man wearing Bermuda shorts and a sombrero opened fire on the vehicle.

Sources said yesterday that DNA evidence taken from the 34-year-old, known only as A.S. for legal reasons, who was arrested with suspected “robber in black” Symon Seisidis on Monday following an armed robbery, matches that recovered from the scene of the July 2009 shooting.

In last year’s incident, the suspect allegedly approached the bus and opened fire with a handgun. None of the bullets hit their intended target and the assailant ran off. However, in his effort to evade arrest, he dropped a surgical mask he had been wearing to cover his face.

It appears that forensic experts have been able to match the DNA on the mask with that taken from the 34-year-old following his arrest.

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