Police: More than 40 involved in Amsterdam riot against officers

April 29
AMSTERDAM — More than 40 people were involved in a riot against police that sent two officers to the hospital and led to five arrests, according to the Amsterdam Police Department.

The incident began when officers tried to arrest 27-year-old Antonio Padilla, of Kline Street, for kicking in a door.

Police said his friend, Jennifer Kinder, 32, of Vrooman Avenue, tried to intervene but was taken down by an officer.

More than 40 of Padilla’s friends and family then came to the scene and began kicking and punching the officers, police said.

The officers called for backup and used pepper spray on the crowd.

They were soon helped by 12 off-duty officers who were attending a union meeting at police headquarters.

Also arrested were Jose Aponte, 22, Rosa Aponte, 46, and Maria Mendoza, 20, all of Kline Street on related charges.

The two officers were taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, treated and released.

Police said more arrests are possible.

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