12 Arrested, 1 Injured in Student Protest in Chile

SANTIAGO – At least 12 people were arrested and a photojournalist was injured in a student protest Wednesday in the Chilean capital, the first since conservative President Sebastian Piñera took office last month.

The demonstration was organized via Internet to protest a 10-peso hike in the price of the student bus pass to 140 pesos (26 cents).

Authorities said the most serious disturbances involved members of the police special forces and some 200 high school and university students outside the University of Santiago, about a dozen blocks from the presidential palace.

The photojournalist was injured – though not seriously – after being hit in the chest by a tear gas canister.

The incidents began at Los Heroes Plaza, on Alameda Avenue, when students began hurling rocks at the Brazilian Embassy; they were driven back by police but regrouped near the university campus.

Some students said the clashes ended after university professors negotiated the withdrawal of police from the campus. EFE

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