Statement of “political responsibility” by Revolutionary Struggle defendants ( machine translation)

LETTER TO CIVIL SOCIETY BY: Paula rupee, Nikos and Kostas Maziotis Gourna

We take the political responsibility for participation in the Revolutionary War. We declare that her partner Lampros Foundas who fell dead in Daphne on March 10, 2010 after a battle with cops, also participated in the Revolutionary War. The battle has been the implementation of the revolutionary project that collectively the Revolutionary Struggle was decided. It was a struggle for revolution and freedom.

We also think we are very proud of our organization, the Revolutionary War, we are proud of our history, for every moment of our political action. We are proud to partner Foundas, who venerate and honor forever.

And if they believe the repressive mechanisms that imprisoning our political untangle us are wrong. Whether outside or inside of the prison struggle for us is a matter of honor and dignity will continue.

As they laugh complacently Both Papandreou and terrorists Chrisochoïdis the arrests us, and if you believe that ensuring the necessary security to move unhindered in sosialfasistiko the party implementing the project crime against society and shake their tail, which the Americans boss welcomes them as they claim to eliminate a serious threat to their status, we assure them that they will not easily untangle us.

As we live as we live and breathe, we will do everything we can to create problems for antisocial and criminal plans.

And if you think our persecutors and political power in this country we have the whole of society on their side if they believe that the majority of people see us as a social threat, laughing. Social threat to the majority of the population is the government passing a package of measures antisocial after another, at the suggestion of ravens on the capital “oiling” the liquidity available to the state machine. Terrorism is the long neoliberal policies imposed by the parties in power or with the connivance and support of small parties. Terrorism is the implementation of the stability that has made large sections of the population attend thus far numb with fear, an unprecedented attack against them to evolve.

Terrorism is not got the basics to survive, you get the salary and pension to the bank seizes your house, you live inside the infection that kills. Terrorism is to live under the daily fear for survival.

For most segments of society, terrorists and criminals are those who govern are the kathestotikoi politicians, the rich, the privileged castes, who exploit workers and prosper by joining the economic and political power. Enemies of society who, after stealing for years and enriched at the expense of taking advantage of a barbaric and grossly unfair system, now it moves into its biggest crisis in its history, requiring that more and more sacrifices, requiring us to deliver voluntarily all our blood to preserve the life of the rotten body of the scheme.

When sosialfasistes ruling party argue that they have the popular mandate to implement these policies, causing even more social indignation. Is by another recorded historically and nobody forgets the great deception campaign of wide social strata of participants in PASOK, who fraudulently seized power in the last election, telling lies about the supposed benefit of the weak redistributive policy were intended to apply tazontas increases in salaries and pensions, promised a smooth and without large charges, exit from the crisis.

They lied that they were unaware of the actual financial situation in the State, lied about the state of the economy and its potential, lied to get, apparently, the money needed by the disadvantaged. With the lies, the deceit, with intent, was robbed of power. If pre-election reveal even a small part of their plans, not only would now government, but remained outside parliament. The social consensus that claim is a monstrous lie that causes acute social unrest.

We as Revolutionary Struggle immediately with the election and before PASOK reveal its true intentions, we talked about the most brutal neo-liberal offensive to be unleashed in the name of addressing the crisis and financial problems, and have already been confirmed.

Also, we talk about the immediate political bankruptcy of the Papandreou government, which he expected the next time, since it is essentially a caretaker government with a short expiry date.

Although the criminal face has revealed, still holding the political power to deceive and to laugh, saying that what they are “for the good of society.” Papandreou and the headquarters of the Greek they now laugh when they seek their patriotism when referring to the harsh measures imposed, talk about measures “imposed by the national interest” that is “saving the country”. And the culmination of this coordination is humiliated when they say that their efforts are not bankrupt the country is in the interests of the underprivileged.

It is “a matter of national emergency” to drop deeper and deeper into poverty and destitution large sections of the population in order to “calm the markets” (where “markets” mean wild beasts that make up the transnational economic elite), to stop speculating the Greek debt and shed, finally, the lending rates of the Greek government.

In fact they have no purpose to protect the country and the masses of the collapse, as the state governments. The majority of people are already paid from the savage policies applied against him and given the bankruptcy as a condition for the maintenance of privileged social strata. Pensions and wages are cut or eliminated hundreds of thousands of redundant and will be fired in the near future, tax raids intensified, pension funds, after a long and depreciation policy of looting the state, allowed to collapse, health care eliminated, public hospitals are going bankrupt and left to rot in the closure, giving the final blow to what was left standing by the health system of government.

“Our partner Lambros Foundas’
These conditions not only something temporary that will expire in 2-3 years as diaminyoun false authoritarians to reassure the community, but would be even worse in light of the lengthy efforts of the political elite to “lead the country out of crisis’ ie to save the ruling economic and political order.

Through the many and monstrous lies that routinely says the government made several frank reports (eg from Katseli) in the “great opportunity offered by the crisis in Greece to implement the required changes to the overall economic recovery. Mean of course the unique opportunity to spend all the neoliberal reforms in many years because of fear about the political costs of social responses, previous governments could not even tempted to try to promote.

They talk about the unique opportunity offered to dismantle once and quickly all the social achievements and conquests, privatize health insurance and to drastically reduce labor costs, to turn Greece into a haven holding for the fund, with plenty of dirt cheap labor potential, without rights. They talk about the unique opportunity to make the most ruthless redistribution of wealth from bottom to top.

They are not interested then, to save non-privileged, who condemned these policies in a slow economic and social death. They want to save the Greek capitalists, banks, large companies, shipowners. They want to protect investors, all kinds of greedy speculators who gamble on profitable so far, Greek debt. They want to protect themselves and the rest of the country’s political elite by a kathestotiki collapse, which would mean the ruin of the state machine. They want to protect themselves and privileges enjoyed by participating in the scheme.

For non-privileged backgrounds, and they are consumable materials used for the survival of authoritarians are guaranteed the most profound economic and social collapse that has to live in the country since the German occupation. PASOK deliver land and water in big business, selling off the whole country to save the skin of local economic and political elite.

Let’s end Well, the lies. Who will laugh when they say that the financial collapse will affect mainly those who are disadvantaged when trying to convince us that it is in our interest to help them to overcome the crisis. But when the country “would have been saved, we all will be dead already. There are no jobs, poverty will spread like a plague throughout the world i ‘sick and dying without being able to do anything, living standards will resemble that of a country at war. Why do we have war. No one referred to the liar Papandreou. There is no declared war on the government markets and speculators. These ridiculous verbal fireworks that have left over this entire period, especially from the aforementioned actor who directs the integration of the contemporary destruction of the country, only serve to mislead society.

We have a social and class war on an unprecedented intensification. We have the privileged social strata to synchronize and coordinate their forces to launch the biggest class attack ever made in the country. We have the war that the capitalists have gone through the government against the workers. We war against the authoritarians of the fighters.

We have a unique social situation can break and one after the other economic and social links between privileged and not. A major social rift formed within the country and an unprecedented political opposition between the elite and the social base with explosive potential.

Within this environment of unprecedented terrorist attack from state capital while the vast majority of society is experiencing an incredible until yesterday regime of terror and insecurity, is really ridiculous to claim that authoritarians arrests us in managing a social threat and that the Revolutionary Race was designed “to intimidate people seriously” as stated in the indictment.

Long term and consistent policy in the presence of the Revolutionary War we are sure that not only is perceived by many as a ‘threat to society, but as a civilian presence near the oppressed and always against the economic and political elite. Next to those living under the yoke of power and against those who practice it.

Despite the ideological counteroffensive unleashed by the government and the media against us, it is understood by the majority of the population that the war against us a war against those who want to resist dynamic choices, is an instrument of intimidation and terror for those who think stand up against the criminal political power .

If you follow a path of Revolutionary Struggle understand how flawed are the claims of political power and sidekick in the Media that action constitutes a threat to society. Because what our actions have allegedly terrorized society has turned against it? Do hateful attacks against the majority of social work and ministries of economy and decided which commands the most anti-social policies?

Are attacks against riot police who terrorize the streets every day of the war s, beating demonstrators and dedicated to the violent repression of social struggles? Attacks against police stations to accommodate the trained killers of the scheme and humiliate every day, beaten and murdered people falling into the hands of cops?

Perhaps a society of terror attack Voulgarakis who has been linked to two major scandals (telephone tapping, kidnapping Pakistanis) and taking advantage of the ministerial gown increased the family fortune by buying and selling public land (Case Vatopedi); Him as all those associated with similar cases greedy Seizure of social wealth, the majority living in this country would very much like to see them hanging in Syntagma Square.

Is it the power to terrorize society attack the U.S. embassy? Did not know our persecutors and their political superiors that this attack has welcomed the overwhelming majority of Greek society that not only nourishes noble sentiments for the state of the U.S.?

Is it an act terrifies the population an attack on the multinational company Shell, which for decades plunder the natural wealth of many countries, exploiting peoples and contributes to the destruction of the planet?

Or is the attack against Citibank, one of the leading groups of international financial terrorism, which for decades has played a leading role in the process of raising capital, seizing the wealth of countless countries through financial speculation on their debt, leading to an irreversible many times economic and social disaster? Is antisocial an attack against this multinational economic crimes led to the creation of great crisis in which we live today?

Or is it an act of social terror attack on the stock market, the Temple of money and one of the major channels Seizure of social wealth transfer from the social basis for the economic elite?

The only people who are terrified of these political actions is political and economic power. They are criminals them-capitalists who are worried about the “investment” and who fear that they can not go without problems in terms of modern dictatorship. If these attacks are a threat to some people who are enjoying the economic and social power than the existing system of social subjugation.

The prison we therefore not only a solution for public safety, but works in the opposite direction. He wants to be able to address a political threat to the regime, state capital to more safely engage the mass terror against the social majority. The aim of our persecutors to eliminate a factor in political tone to society, a revolutionary threat.

For many of the international political and economic elite – including hawks and IMF – the global financial crisis is over, the economic recovery, although weak, has begun the good prospects are emerging while the crisis in Greece there is nothing more simply the result of mismanagement by previous governments. The proponents and exponents of the economic and political system only recognized as a crisis that has shaken the international financial system and since this seems to be rescued after generous cash from government, talking about the end of the problems of the system and the beginning of a perhaps painful and not too short, the process of economic recovery, always assuming that governments will take part, necessary austerity measures.

At the same superficial approach to the crisis separating the different – and for many more independent – dimensions and isolates analyzed by kathestotikous analysts and debt crisis in Greece. For them, the economic crisis is only a result of poor management of the system with some specific adjustments will return to its former smooth operation.

And the financial crisis in Greece is not for participants in the leadership of the system or even a side effect of global economic crisis. This is a problem caused by the mismanagement of public funds by the previous governments. No doubt, of course, the fact that at times holding power in the country made systematically and without exception to the looting of money and property of government. In contrast, the wealth that has drawn the state of the social base, enriched and lived lavishly wasting public funds any and all bands of the ruling, throwing some light xerokommata the majority of voters to win their vote. The robbers party power built huge fortunes, built villas, yachts purchased, secured a life amid the opulence while the majority live in social status of economic terrorism that requires the state and capital. But when the Hawks D.N.T. and the European Union accused the previous government for squandering public money, do not mean the above, and certainly not the billions who blockaded the capitalists of all nationalities who are active in the country. Accusations that squandered much in wages and pensions, that they spend a lot about public health and education and were very flexible with the taxation of social base.

The Greek state has long under financial bankruptcy, whether or not to admit the rulers and the support mechanism of D.N.T., the European Commission and European Central Bank took over the reins now in power is mission of providing liquidity to meet those lent by the Greek government buying bonds. In return for “economic salvation” is to implement the most brutal plundering of society on behalf of transnational capital.

Regarding the financial problems of Greece, in addition to looting of funds for private gain from their leaders, it began to be created on, because the dominant development model adopted in all previous years and the role of Greece in an international chain of production process. Greece’s position in Europe has always been such a market for European products. And while expensive and uncompetitive euro allowed European goods n ‘compete with much cheaper produced outside the European Union, the small Greek market population was forced to consume as much as possible of the production of eurozone countries.

The claim that Europe provides an economic safety for Greece is not only a monstrous lie. The imperative for Europe’s economic strategy for Greece was from the beginning the dismantling of the previous production model and encouragement from the Greek state of consumption loans. The Greek government went continually borrowing to finance investment by multinationals from the EU in the Greek market, while strengthening and Greek capitalists.

On the other hand, the Greek society, after a relentless propaganda on the part of banking groups, walked through the maze of lending where he is now a large part of the enclave, in order to expand the consumption of a small population the Greek market.

Even amid the crisis, while the Greek debt, public and private, had already reached the amount of 1 trillion. euro, the President of the European Central Bank Trichet, stated emphatically that “Greeks are still opportunities for further lending, to continue to consume supporting the poor with loans crisis that European growth and continued profitability of banks and enterprises.

The illusory prosperity and high growth rates did not meet ever real economic situation, despite the high profitability reflected the capital. This Besides we had identified in 2005 – a time when everyone was talking about the Greek economy is strong – and we provide great economic problem and a real risk of insolvency that would face Greece in case you broke a great economic and international dimensions crisis.

For all kinds of speculators – managers and owners of big capital crisis leaves no room for high profitability of the traditional sectors of the economy. Even many exchanges do not give the satisfaction of the greedy capital-state performance and the purchase of raw materials and food – despite the fact that prices are too high relative to the reduced demand in the world – does not, for the moment at least, the possibility of a more long climb, similar to that of 2008, despite investors do everything possible to enlarge the already existing bubble in these markets.

By contrast, government debt is the biggest opportunity for the transnational capital industry to make maximum amid crisis, strong profits. Already the global debt bubble in the center of the capitalist countries have taken major proportions, but all kinds of speculators have to stop, but will cover any margin of exploitation. The derailment of debt for countries in the center due to the huge package of financial support that governments provide for the salvation of the world financial system. In short, the international financial crisis has been overcome – at least for now – to the detriment of the social majorities of the countries of the center, with the governments to commit offenses systematically addressing the public wealth of the black holes of funds for large financial groups, the main creators international crisis.

The huge dimension of the financial sector (in 2006 and before the crisis in the world GDP reached 47 trillion. The total value of shares was over 50 trillion. The value of the bonds was at 70 trillion. And its derivatives exceeded 470 trillion. , which was ten times the global GDP) is very disproportionate to its size and the most developed capitalist countries. Government efforts to bear on their shoulders the debts of these banks and investment monsters will lead many into bankruptcy and even previously robust economies.

“This is our chance”
The phrase “sovereign nations go bankrupt” expressed by the capitalists is indirectly putting pressure to intervene in international mechanisms “salvation” under the bankruptcy states, so as not to risk their funds investing in debt and continue without fear of speculate with it. But the greed of the owners of transnational capital too will soon proved so great that even mechanisms “rescue” as the IMF could not n-handle.

In Greece, a lot of talk is for speculators and aphorisms surplus, but never specified what they do. But surely this is not just for youngsters with the white collars of transnational investment companies “sitting at their computers and play with the debt of the country” as transmitting back Papandreou shortly before. This whole economic elite. Much of the Greek debt held by Greek banks and through them the whole of Greek elite plutocracy, all the reputable operators appreciated the political elite of the country.

And let’s not forget the scandalous process by which Greek banks are raising money with almost zero interest from the ESF, with secured government bonds, which get free through the support package of 28 billion euros decided the previous government and then lend the state with the high interest rates markets. And all of this and have put several billion in cash in their funds, thereby preserving their capital adequacy and the government invites them – under the present circumstances and when the country sells out loans – n ‘make the remaining package has remained untapped.

The famous gun So he used to rely on ridiculously when Papandreou took some verbal support from superiors “partners” in Europe is not directed against any speculators. This weapon exists and marks the majority of the population of this country to succumb to threats of government and the saviors of the Greek political system. Papandreou Tsolakoglou now a modern country has entered a new era of occupation by the transnational capital through the IMF, the SA Committee and the ESF – The name is always the salvation of the country – leading the surveillance program of austerity and reform in order to finance the normal payment of creditors of the Greek state.

All the literature about the good part of the IMF and apodaimonopoiisis attempt by the government and various paratre-lost, will not stand for much. It is known that in any country where his life was involved, the consequences were devastating. In Africa, Asia, South America, the IMF is responsible for the destruction of economies, production structures and models that do not fit into profitable production models of the Hawk supranational capital employed by this body. The results of the “benefits” of the IMF intervention in many cases, it was famine, disease, civil, social and irreversible environmental damage.

It’s also funny when, after decades of action by the IMF with the same results always disastrous, especially many leftists and social democrats continue to characterize the savage neoliberal recipes that only require a “strategic mistake”. Can not believe that simply are idiots. They know very well what they do and the direction is very specific.

Debt a country can not accommodate is the opportunity for the economic elite from the IMF to its knees, to kill, to conquer. After the xezoumizoun, earning profits on the above, leading to the bankruptcy and then the vultures of capital falls and buy a loaf of bread what is of value in this place for its use, and would not have turned the country is there a heaven exploitation of workers by capitalists, who can finally compete with the most inhuman working conditions. This is the plan of the IMF for Greece. One project leads rapidly to ypersygke-ntrosi economic and social power in even fewer hands and people in misery.

If we move the criminals of the country’s political system in these policies, we have delivered in the most shameful form of slavery ever existed, we have delivered the country and the future of our children into the jaws of the sharks of big business, we accept to live under the continued terror of international economic and political oligarchy.

No free man can not accept such a treaty, no person with dignity can not be surrendered without resistance.

While the system itself is collapsing bridges connecting and communicating with the social majority lined up towards war, it would be quite wrong to look down on the repetition of these links. The Left parties involved in the political system will work in one way or another to mitigate the social conflicts and will do everything to prevent the impending social explosion. As they increase their leontarismous against government choices will not get any break with the system.

On the other hand, society expects the underprivileged a new political force, independent of any political purpose, and every mood manipulation, to shape this policy area in which it can to push n ‘fight against modern brutal living conditions imposed upon . This new policy might not be other than a large radical movement, which, without inhibitions, doubts, guilt syndrome and illusions about the necessity or not to be a total conflict with the regime, can chart a course to overthrow the system and inspire those who are most oppressed in a liberating direction.

Anyone in today while we are under the most brutal junta markets continue to rely on “objective conditions unripe, then he has no desire to act subversively.
The objective conditions are most ideal.

Let’s shape and the subjective conditions necessary to attempt a revolution. This is our chance.

Long live the Revolutionary Struggle


Labrou Foundas

Long live the revolution

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