Vandals cause Bramcote power cut

UP to 200 homes in Bramcote are without power after engineers found a substation had been vandalised and safety equipment stolen.

Engineers had to switch the power off at 8.28am today after making the discovery following a routine check.

Repair works are currently being carried out to make the substation safe. A spokesman for Eon said it appeared that it had been broken into because the entrance was vandalised.

Police have been informed of the incident, said Eon.

It comes after the company issued a warning on the back of a number of similar attacks in Eastwood where substations had metal earthing stolen.

The earthing is vital for safety in case something goes wrong with the electricity passing through the substations.

Phil Wilson, customer operations manager for Central Networks, said at the time: “This type of vandalism, which risks injury and puts lives in danger, is both foolish and inconsiderate to others.

“Vandalising electrical equipment is incredibly dangerous and it’s extraordinary the risk these thieves are willing to take in order to do this.”

A spokesman for Eon said this morning that engineers were working to get the power back on for people “as soon as possible”.

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