Leftist guerrilla group claims Athens bomb attacks

ATHENS (Reuters) – A left-wing Greek guerrilla group claimed responsibility Monday for three bomb attacks in Athens last week which caused minor damage but no injuries.

The Fire Conspiracy Cells group said it was behind the explosions Saturday outside a police detention centre and the home of a leading member of the Pakistani community.

The group also said it set off a home-made bomb which damaged the office of the ultra nationalist group Golden Dawn in central Athens Friday, according to the police and a statement posted on the Internet.

The Fire Conspiracy Cells claimed responsibility in January for a small blast outside parliament and a more powerful explosion late last year which wrecked the ground floor of the National Insurance building.

“This is the first evidence of the bomb crusade we had warned we would launch after our strike on parliament,” the group said in a statement posted on a website.

The group, which describes itself as an anti-state organisation, said it chose the detention centre as a target to highlight the plight of immigrants, and the deputy leader of the Pakistani community for cooperating with Greek authorities in the past.

Police said they were investigating the authenticity of the claim.

Several leftist and anarchist groups have carried out attacks against police targets, businesses and public institutions since the police killing of a teen-ager triggered Greece’s worst riots in decades in December 2008.

Although austerity measures designed to deal with Greece’s debt crisis have led to strikes and street protests in recent weeks, no bombings have so far been directly linked to the government cutbacks.

(Reporting by Renee Maltezou; editing by Andrew Dobbie)

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