White-supremacists’ SkyTrain rally fizzles

Hundreds of anti-racist protesters claimed “victory” after an expected neo-Nazi march failed to materialize Sunday in the Lower Mainland.

Several hundred anti-racists — including about 30 black-mask-wearing anarchists — gathered at New Westminster’s Braid SkyTrain station at noon, to repel the proposed “Advocates for White Civil Rights” rally.

A number of police officers monitored the scene, including a B.C. Hate Crime Team investigator.

Police said they took the threat of violence seriously, as a clash between white supremacists and antiracists occurred in Calgary last year on March 21, which is International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

There was a confrontation when two men from Coquitlam approached the anarchist group and allegedly spat on a banner.

The Province also spoke to one man, who would not give his name and who conveyed white-supremacist views. The man was seen videotaping anti-racist protesters, without making his views known to the antiracists.

When anti-racist groups dispersed at Braid station, Sgt. Mark Applejohn of transit police said there had been indications online months ago of a group planning a white-pride rally on March 21, but in the end it was a “non-event.”

At the station, Maitland Cassia, a spokesman for the Vancouver chapter of Anti-Racist Action, said he believed several “scouts” for the white-pride group had turned up and quickly retreated.

“At this point, [the white-pride group] have obviously bitten off more than they can chew,” Cassia said.

“I’m pretty comfortable declaring victory.”

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