Bomb Wounds Police Officer in El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR – A police officer was wounded Thursday when a bomb exploded outside a government building in the Salvadoran capital, officials said.

“One person, a member of the PPI (VIP protection unit), was wounded,” National Civilian Police, or PNC, emergency system chief Gersan Perez told Radio Nacional.

The officer sustained slight wounds to a foot and was taken to a hospital emergency room, Perez said, adding that the blast did not cause much material damage.

The bomb, based on “the characteristics” of the blast, appeared to have been home-made, the PNC official said.

The bomb went off after the area where it had been planted was cordoned off, Perez said.

The bomb was left outside the Rio Lempa Hydroelectric Power Plant Executive Commission’s office, which is close to the central bank, several ministries and the Legislative Assembly.

“The thing that concerns us is where they left it. So we are going to do a general inspection of the entire complex to determine that there isn’t another similar device,” Perez said.

Grenades have been thrown at several targets in San Salvador in recent months.

A grenade exploded in the capital’s downtown area on Jan. 17, killing one person and wounding 26 others. EFE

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