Basque Interior outlaws demonstrations over Anza death

The decision was taken as a precaution against possible glorifications of terrorism or upsetting public order. The Basque Pro-Amnesty movement upholds the call to “take to the streets”.
The Department of the Interior at the Basque Government has forbidden the demonstrations convened for Thursday in relation with the death of former ETA-member, Jon Anza.

Those who summoned the decision, announced that the decision had been adopted after assessing that there was a “very high probability” that, during the course of demonstrations, crimes would be committed such as the glorification of terrorism and against the public order.

Furthermore, the object of the demonstration was deemed “unlawful” in that it denounces the death of the ETA-member, describing it as “murder” at the hands of Spanish security forces. Also during the decision, events were cited which took place immediately preceding the demonstration held on Sunday 14th March in Donostia-San Sebastián, when “acts were carried out in recognition and/ or veneration of the deceased terrorist, as well as certain unlawful attacks on security forces”.

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